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Oasis Developer Dashboard Quickstart

The Oasis Developer Dashboard provides a single place to view, create, and deploy smart contracts. Build your own or choose from a curated collection of pre-made smart contracts. You can also integrate your deployed smart contracts into a front-end mobile app on Thunkable, a drag-and-drop mobile app service.


We expect to issue one major upgrade of the Oasis Devnet per quarter. In addition to new features and experiences, some of these upgrades may require us to reset the Devnet's state, which includes contracts deployed through the dashboard. We will be sure to provide you with ample time and instructions to ensure this affects your own work on the Devnet as little as possible.

Step 1: Setup your account

To get started, log in to the dashboard, To sign in, you'll need a Google account.

Step 2: Create a project

The homepage of the Developer Dashboard shows a list of existing projects (when you first log in this is likely to be empty). To create your first project, press the "+" button in the lower right of the page. You'll be prompted to enter a name. Projects can include multiple contracts or multiple versions of a contract.

Step 3: Add a smart contract to your project

A project page will show all contracts associated with a particular project you're working on.

View of contracts

There are two types of contracts that you can use in your project:

  • My Contracts: This shows the smart contracts you've uploaded to the dashboard. This is a powerful mechanism for writing custom cloud logic.
  • Public Contracts: This shows smart contracts created and shared by other users. Here you can find a curated collection of pre-made contracts you can use in your own projects without developing your own smart contract code. When you deploy your own smart contracts you can also decide to make them public and share with other Devnet users.

Clicking on any of these contracts will take you to a page describing the API of the contract.

Step 4: Deploy a smart contract

From a contract page, you'll see a 'Deploy' button on the bottom right. Clicking 'Deploy' will prompt you to name the new deployment, and will ask you to fill in constructor arguments to the contract if required.

To share your smart contract with other Devnet developers click the slider at the top of the contract to make it "Publicly Visible."

Once you confirm your deployment, a new instance of the deployment will be published to the Oasis Devnet, and will show up as a 'Deployment' on your project page.

Contracts deployed through the Developer Dashboard will be deployed as confidential.


If you have MetaMask installed, you'll be prompted to by MetaMask to confirm the deployment, and it will be made from your account. If you don't have MetaMask installed, the Oasis dashboard will generate a new account for you, and deploy your contracts under that account. You can later transition your account to a MetaMask wallet you control, so that Oasis Labs can no longer make transactions without your explicit approval. For more information, we've shared our best practices for wallet management.

Step 5: View your deployment

View of a deployment

On your project page, you can now see the new deployment. Clicking on the deployment will allow you to see

  • The address of the deployed contracts, so you can programatically interact with it.
  • The interface of the deployed contract, used by many programs to learn the valid methods that can be called.
  • The arguments you set when you deployed the contract.

Step 6: Integrate smart contract with mobile app UX using Thunkable (optional)

If you’d like to build a mobile app with smart contract and blockchain technology from scratch, you can also use the Oasis Developer Dashboard to write your own smart contract, connect it to Thunkable using the OasisWeb3 and OasisSmartContract components.

In less than an hour, you’ll have a complete mobile app that you can submit to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Get set up on Thunkable's platform and create a new app project
  • In Thunkable, add the OasisSmartContract component to your mobile app.
  • To provide the JSON and SmartContract address requested, go to the Oasis Developer Dashboard, open the smart contract you wish to deploy and input this corresponding information:
  • For "ContractJSONInterace": Copy the smart contract's ABI and paste into Thunkable
  • For "DeployedContractAddress"" Copy the address of your smart contrast and paste into Thunkable